⚠️ False information on zoominfo - this is a small solo business, owned and managed only by Elodie.

EMD Digital Studio





The handmade agency by Elodie Marie DUFFAU.
Find your digital solution to grow your Business.

About EMD

About the EMD Studio

Hello, my name is Elodie, I founded the EMD Digital Studio in February 2020. I am a digital strategist that helps entrepreneurs and brands to use digitals tools to create solutions to their needs.
The EMD Digital Studio is the bridge between Marketing and Tech.
Working with the studio is having digital agency expertise with a one-to-one relationship.

Studio knowledge & tools ⇩
HTML | CSS | JS | Ruby On Rails
Notion | Trello | Asana
Photoshop | Canva | InDesign
Wordpress | Wix | Shopify
Google Analytics | Facebook Insights
Mailchimp | SendinBlue

Digital solutions to your business problems

EMD Digital Studio will make an audit of your current situation to identify the area where we can increase your performance. Discover the studio expertise:

Digital Strategy

Launching a new business/product? EMD Studio will help you create the best digital strategy. Looking to optimize your current strategy? Start with an audit.

Social Media Content

Communication is key to any business. Create a communication strategy and find your best social media tactics to build a strong community and find leads.

Website Creation

EMD creates websites with CMS (Wordpress, Wix,) and E-commerce (Shopify), or build with code. The studio work also on the marketing optimization of current websites.

Data Analysis

Data is everything, need help to turn numbers into an action plan? The studio is here to help and will identify marketing opportunities to grow your business.

Acquisition strategy

Let's have an overview of all your marketing activities, Website UX, to see how to build a strong acquisition strat and improve your conversion rate.

Branding Consulting

Need advice on your communication guidelines and graphic design? The Studio will help you to build a great brand. (corporate or personal brand)

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Example of work projects

Extra projects are available on-demand (MVP websites, influencer strat,..). A PDF portfolio is also available.

What's new ?

Learn more about some extra activity of EMD digital studio.

Join the Book Club

In March 2022, I launched a Book Club about empowering your career and personal life. It's the opportunity to create a community that will help each other to rise by uplifting energy, growing confidence, and building knowledge.

Learning to code

For the need to always learn more, specifically on the technical side, I joined the Le Wagon Bootcamp in Amsterdam to learn how to be fullstack developer. Read my Le Wagon journey on this article.

Starbucks in Bordeaux

In 2013, when I was a student I created a FB page to have a Starbucks in Bordeaux. After 13K followers Starbucks decided to open their first franchise in Bordeaux. The opening was a communication success.

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